Naked Spirit Yoga; An Honoring of our Body, Mind & Soul

If the concept of Naked is new for you or it is something out of your comfort zone, that is TOTALLY OKAY, all you need is an open heart.

Naked Spirit Yoga is a practice to reconnect you  back into “you”,  to unite with nature. We are Beautiful Spirited Beings whose birthright it is to be Naked and to share Yoga together in an environment that supports not negates our Beauty.

Yoga is practiced so we can quiet the mind through finding stillness and movement (Asana/Posture).  I share in class about getting interested in the mind and to learn how it works so we can find peace and harmony within.

Here is some history as to where we were and where we are now regarding Nakedness (my term 🙂 or Nudism/Naturism.

In the 1890’s the invention of the indoor toilet had an unintended effect on this nude tradition.  Until then, it was common practice for the family bathtub to be located in the kitchen area, near where the necessary hot water was heated on the stove. Once or twice a week, with the entire family would strip one at a time and use the same bath water.  When outhouses became outmoded, new houses were redesigned so that plumbing was directed to a separate room where the toilet and bathtub could share a common water pipe. With the ability to close a door for privacy, family members rarely saw each other naked anymore.

The human body became an object of shame to be hidden and shaped by layers and layers of clothing.




Looking forward to sharing an exchange or sharing practice!



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