Every “Body” is Beautiful!

For the last two and a half years I have been waiting for the right platform to bring Naked Yoga and myself into the media and into the world; the time has come.

I was approached by a group called *The Yoga Slackers who are adventure Yogi’s taking the beautiful practice of Yoga into the outdoors.  They are quite acrobatic as they push the limits of their Yoga practice off the mat and into nature, onto the mountaintops using a slack line in many cities and countries around the world.

They are creating a documentary called Extreme Yoga (no exact title yet) which includes many styles of Yoga such as Dharma, Budokon, Antigravity, Jivamukti, Breakti, Iyengar  and many more styles that give us ways to practice Yoga; traditionally and non-traditionally.

This Wednesday, 11/16 Naked Spirit Yoga will be filming its segment  and I am over and above in gratitude to be a part of such a vision and of passionate people.  I know there will be surprises amongst the filming crew as to what this practice truly offers, I am overjoyed and blessed!

There are many “bodies” to be seen and to see if we surrender;  the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and to see each other when there is nothing covering us is a Delightful Sight.

Every “Body” is Beautiful!


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