To See and Be Seen

Blessed & humbled to witness liberation, exploration, raw delight and gratitude for who we truly are; we are divine spirits. Yoga is freedom and to be connected to our naked bodies is our birthright. May we honor our own vehicles so we can move through life with more grace & surrender rather than fear & shame. Thank You YogaSlackers for the opportunity to show the world how to see and be seen, Namaste!

To the Extraordinary Eight Yogi’s that participated in the class yesterday for the film, my spirit dances even more free to have been a part of this epic event with you ALL.

It was only three and a half years ago that I found this practice with ISIS Phoenix and my life shifted in ways I could not have imagined.  Through this practice I experienced Love, Liberation & Healing of the pain that was in my life.

As I continue to heal, I am proud to be sharing this Yoga practice with you all.

It is my hope for Every Body to experience their divine spirit and find the modalities that support the harmonious relationship with the self.




One thought on “To See and Be Seen

  1. Naked Yoga takes to a new level our acceptance of ourselves and our acceptance of each other. What could be more yogic than that?

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