Naked Sprit Yoga

Namaste Beautiful Beings,

Thank you to Ibrahime’s point of view on:

Why be naked?
We recognize that the over promotion and unexamined overuse of clothing beyond its healthful functional purposes of physical protection, physical comfort, and decorative artistic self expression can cause physical, emotional, psychological, societal, and spiritual blockage, distortion, isolation, alienation and damage.
We further recognize that such over promotion and enforcement of clothing overvalue and overuse has historically been implemented, established, and enforced by the textile industries, socio-religious orthodoxies, and imperialist mercantile military forces seeking to market their textile goods, indoctrinate and control minds, and economically enslave entire populations.
As responsible sovereign citizens with a threatened and valuable cultural heritage of holistic naturism, we must protect and preserve our God given right to enjoy being naked in appropriate, wholesome, lawful settings. Accordingly, we must wholly reject all programming and coercion which would deny, devalue, or discourage our rights to practice, enjoy, and share the benefits of nudity/naturism within appropriate, wholesome, lawful settings.
These appropriate, wholesome, lawful settings include, but are not limited to, our homes, clothing optional beaches, naturist campgrounds, family oriented nudist resorts, platonic nude social and cultural events, healthy nude recreational activities, nude athletics and physical exercise programs, and holistic nude spiritual retreats.
Physical nakedness, emotional honesty, mental freedom, and spiritual openness allows us a more full, authentic, validating, empowering, and harmonious connection and communion with our whole selves, our immediate environment, our world, our universe, and each other.
One Love,

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