What is Naked Spirit Yoga?

The practice of Naked Yoga is to bring us back into our natural form where there is no separation between us and nature.

A Surrender in Freedom, A Celebration of  Spirit

Who practices Naked Yoga:

-Spiritual seekers


-Married, single people

-All ages & races

-People wanting to be well in their bodies

-Beautiful/Amazing Beings (in Cindee’s expereince)

* A safe space is provided and all students are on the similar spiritual path


-Freedom to be you, you are perfect

-Let go of negative body image,

-Go beyond societal beliefs and find your truth with your body

-Heal any pain that you have endured

Naked Yoga Class Schedule –


Dates: August 16, 30  September 6, 13, 20, 27

Time: 6-8pm (6-6:15 community 6:15-7:45 class 7:45-8 community)

Cindee is happy to answer any of your questions so please call her @ 917.402.6606 or email her @ nycindee@gmail.com

Prior to sharing practice, Cindee likes to have an exchange over the phone to create a connection, your call will be returned within 48 hours.


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