It is a privilege to share Naked Spirit Yoga and an honor to teach it.  Most of us have a false truth, or a handed-down idea of what being naked truly is.  In class, when clothes are removed, so are the barriers that block our passion, joy and freedom.  Being naked allows us to connect to our inner landscape and unaffected by the material world.  The gunk gets removed, we become unblocked and our spirit can take the lead.

From a young age Cindee felt the pull of her spirit but was unable to stay connected within.  She searched for anything that would make her “feel better”.  A shift of lifestyle was the start, but being introduced to a Yoga mat in 2003 was when the pain and gunk began to heal and her truest nature began to emerge.  In 2007, Cindee met ISIS Phoenix and attended her first naked Yoga class.  There she found a piece of herself that  allowed her to celebrate and honor her body and not be ashamed of being who she was and new then she would be teaching others the same.

In 2008, after leaving her finance job, Cindee followed her instincts and went on a personal journey to Brazil, California and India that led to her Yoga training’s and her deep immersion into the spirit.  Her mind began to quiet, and through her Yoga practice she learned that what we choose to eat has an affect on our mind, body and spirit.  She experimented with all foods, identifying what fueled and nourished versus what was only eaten mindlessly for taste.  Living consciously became her program for everything,  yet something still felt incomplete.  There were still blockages to the “sunlight of the spirit” so, with a spiritual program in tow, Cindee began a daily practice of self-study, prayer, mediation, mindful and conscious eating, and learning that her spiritual condition is the tuning fork for her life.  Getting the mental, physical, and emotionally body well was great for some time but it was the attention to the spirit that created the collective whole.

Cindee has been teaching for the last four years and continues to take workshops, training’s and classes, she is constantly learning and evolving. She teaches from the inside out, always focusing on the breath and moving energy throughout the body,  allowing for a deeper connection between the mind, body and spirit, essentially becoming one.  When you take a class with Cindee, you will have a physical practice but also you will leave your mat with spiritual tools so you can find within yourself all the beauty that is already there.

There have been many teachers in Cindee’s life helping to guide her through and give her tools to support her every-day healing.  Some are physically gone and others are still present, but all continue to give her precious gifts.


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