Class Schedule & Information

Naked Yoga Class Schedule 


Dates: August 16, 30  September 6, 13, 20, 27

August 23,  Cindee  away (19-28  )on a Vision Quest

Time: 6-8pm  (6-6:15 community 6:15-7:45 Class 7:45-8 community)

Location: See below*

Drop-in class – 35$

Class series -Six weekly classes (series) for 150$

Class card –  Six classes (class card) for 180$ (six month expiration)

Payment: Paypal, visa, and mastercard accepted (see below)

*No matter which one you purchase, an exchange with Cindee is essential.  This is to hold space for all who participate and give you the best experience. Please call Cindee @ 917.402.6606, she looks forward to hearing from you.

Description of classes:

*Drop-in class is a great way to explore the Naked Spirit Yoga practice. Maybe you want to try something new, let go of some fears, share space with other spirit seekers or just give yourself the gift of surrendering to your own personal freedom. If you are not ready to commit to more than one class at a time, this is for you.

Class series is a wonderful way to commit to consistency.  It allows for a weekly practice to discover the potential that lies within you. In my experience, commitment brings consistency, which brings awareness to create personal shifts.

Class cards are a great way to devote time to you without having to commitment to every week.

Drop-in Class $35

Six Class Series $150

Six Class Card $180

Please feel free to call Cindee @ 917.402.6606 with any questions you might have, there is never a stupid question just a stupid answer.

Look forward to sharing this naked spiritual Yoga journey with you.

Namaste & Gratitude


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