Naked Spirit Yoga – Reverence to self and all

We are constantly looking without when all we truly need is within.

For all of my life I put a lot of attention on the external world.  In some form or another I was always wanting the better this or more of that . . . if only . . . I will feel better if . . .if I acquire that . . . look like that . . my belly was flatter . . . straight hair . .  .I made more money . . had more possessions . . .had a bigger apartment . . .you get it .  . . fill in your own . . if I . . . . . . .

I did attain those “things” (even straight hair) and unbeknownst to me I did not feel any better.  Yes for a moment or two there was a moment of joy, a relief of sort even a ahhhhh but it was false since directed by my will and I found myself sadder than and was willing to understand and experiment what will bring me peace.

In 2008, I left my awesome job in commodities and have been on what I call my life’s adventure.  In 2009. I began my teaching  of Yoga and sharing my experiences in a bigger and more useful way  What has happened to me lately is not something I would have ever imagined.  Through my Yoga practice and my A.A. program  I have found god. . . creator or you may call it . . . higher power, goddess, source, fairees, higher being, jesus, divine being, higher self, the great spirit (what do you call it?).

I am no longer dependent on someone or something for my joy.  It is god I go to first.  I pray and meditate everyday, I spend time quieting my mind by using pranayama and asana practice, as well as doing 12-step work and being of service to others on and off the mat.  I am teachable by all and look at everything as it is not being done to me but giving me an opportunity to learn, to grow, to deepen, to expand.  My life is always in transition, changes are constantly present, I no longer resist what is.  There are always feelings of pain, disappointment, frustration, and anger and of course the flip side, deliciousness, innocence, bliss and greatness.   No more is there the duality.

Sharing Smiles, Love, Light & Blessings,


Know that: “God has been here, (s)he is you.”

In reverence to my dear teachers, students, mentors, sponsers, AA’ers, spiritual sisters and brothers, I am in awe of your guidance.


Naked Spirit Yoga – My experiment with Yoga Sutra 2:46

Book II Sutra 46                                                                                        STHIRA SUKHAM ASANAM                                                                                     steady comfortable posture                                                                        Asana is a steady, comfortable posture

In this past week I am experimenting with taking that “extra” sugar out of my diet and  to see what changes occur from my physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies.  I have been experiencing some detox from the sugar, so I turned to my asana practice.  Finding more steadiness in the physical because and less mental tension.   It reminded me of a Yoga Sutras and intuitively knew which one I was presently connected with.  Here is why:

“Unless the body is perfectly healthy and free from all toxins and tensions, a comfortable pose in not easily obtained.  Physical and mental toxins create stiffness and tension.  Anything that makes us stiff can also break us.  Only if we are supple will we never break”.

“A conversation between a weed and a big tree:                                      Both grew on the bank of a swiftly running jungle river.  One day the tree looked down at the tiny weed and said, “Hey, you puny little creature, why do you stand near me?  Aren’t you ashamed to be by my side?  See how great, how big, how tall I am?  How sturdy and strong?  Even an elephant cannot move me.  But look at you.  Hah!  You shouldn’t have come here.  People will see the difference and laugh at you.  Why don’t you move somewhere else?”                                                                                        The weed bent her head.  “Sir,” she said, “what can I do?  I didn’t come here purposely.   I just happen to be here.   I know I’m not strong and stiff as you.  But please pardon my presence.”                                                       “All right,” boomed the big tree, “but just remember your place!”  This conversation happened during the rainy season.  The very next day a heavy rain came, inundating the jungle and causing a terrible flood.  When a river floods,  it erodes the banks and pulls down anything in its way.  Coming in such force,  the water pulled down the big tree instantly.  But the weed bent down,  flattened herself completely and let the water run over her.  When the flood passed, she rose up agaian.  Looking this way and that,  she wondered, “What happened to the great tree?  I don’t see it.”                  From far away she heard the tree’s reply.  “I’m being pulled down by the water.  I should have been humble and simple and supple like you.  Now I’m being destroyed.”

Where are you stiff, not supple enough yet?

Experiment, Play and Witness the Possibilities Within You!

All quoted from the book:  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Commentary on the Raja Yoga Sutras by Sri Swami Satchidananda

Naked Yoga Controversy

All is my hope for us: “A seed inside a fruit is a future orchard. Similar are the seeds within us. Nourish them and your own orchard will flourish.”

FIRST was the so called “Naked Yoga” class on the Kardashian’s where only the Yoga being done Naked was by the instructor Ralph Craig.  Hundreds of NYC Yoga teachers, including myself were asked to teach a Naked Yoga class on a reality show, I declined as it did not support my vision of Naked Yoga but kudos Ashtanga Yogi Ralph who did teach and who was quoted saying,  “Yoga is something you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re naked or not naked”,  Read the full article.

In my experience, in all Naked Spirit Yoga classes participants and teacher are Naked, wearing sexy lingerie brings a different vibe and intention to the room.  There is minimal sexual energy (because we are sensual beings by nature) in our classes than in all clothed classes combined. By removing our clothes there is nothing to hide from or cover up, we are connected by energy and more through a beautiful collective practice.

We can all have our opinions about Naked Yoga but it is an experience to have before you judge it.

NEXT is the Yoga Undressed video.  This video has been in my radar for quite sometime.   My humble opinion of them is that these women embody strength, confidence and rawness that supports the masculine without the man present.  Social media has now gotten a hold of it so read below some of the comments that were on facebook, what are your thoughts?

-Hmm…I’m not sure how I feel about this. They are beautiful bodies, no doubt. But I’m more inclined to share the beauty of my yoga body with my husband, and my husband alone. And really, this concept really wreaks havoc on my cute-yoga-clothes wardrobe and wish list.  -Beautiful and tastefully done.  -No not right these are all women making money on exploiting themselves, this is not yoga. No judgement just truth.  -It would feel more balanced toward artistic expression and less toward the side of ‘more naked women on screen’, if both women and men were depicted. -No judgement of the the folks here. Just not Yoga. Sorry. -Nothing pornographic about the human body. This is beautiful art and amazing Yogic form.  -I would like to see some guys here too.

Article & Experience on Yoga Undressed

ALl of our opinions matter, when we come from a place of love instead of fear we build each other up and give more not less.

The Practice-Happenings-Bodies Real

Naked Spirit Yoga classes is an experience that gives you permission and the freedom to be YOU.  We celebrate ourselves through a collective journey moving through breath, postures & meditation. We bring awareness to habitual patterns and we get interested in our minds; our connection to our spirit deepens and we find peace.

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This is OUR community, adding comments and content, asking questions and sharing with others enables you to be involved.  Any experiences with Naturism or Naked Yoga, email me at, your voice is important!

Namaste – I bow to you