Naked Spirit Yoga – New Moon

Tonight’s new moon is all about action. Anything you have intended/planned but have not yet taken that baby step, NOW is the time. Show the universe that you are inviting this plan and willing to take the action.

We can speak the words or put them down on paper yet if we do not take the action ie: the owed phone call, the blog post ;), the paper, healthier lifestyle, Yoga class, completing the task list, letting go of the old to create space for the new, doing what evokes your passion . . etc. Anything from the small to the big to the most challenging, we are accountable.

I continually learn that all that we need is within us. So for me, sitting quietly, shutting my phone down, asking for the next intuitive thought or action allows me to focus in the moment without all of the everyday distractions.

We “say” we want things but truly do we? I know from experience that some things manifest quickly and others take time but in that time there is a cultivation that is in constant flow. When that flow is blocked or stuck so is the vision.

It is a daily exploration and being rigorously honest on what we want or what we don’t want because it is us who manifests everything. Be careful what yo wish for, it will come true so be specific, lead with your heart, be diligent and surround yourself with as much love and support as possible.