Naked yoga is the most natural way to practice yoga;  no distractions, either physical or visual, just you and your practice. Being in your natural state of undress you feel your connection to the earth.  Practicing yoga in the nude, our best outfit, really helps you take your vacation from your problems and concerns and Cindee is the best yogi to guide you; she assists you at your level.  We would add to this by saying we really enjoy the physical aspects of yoga; the poses and the stretching. We  feel the physical benefits of yoga. It alleviates lower back, joint and muscle pain better than any chiropractor ever did.  -Tracey & Dan

Naked Yoga is full of revelations, though I am a confident person, I had some apprehension that practicing naked with strangers might make me vulnerable, or embarrassed, or too self-aware.  Astonishingly, Naked Yoga’s effect on me was quite the opposite: surprisingly quickly after disrobing, I forget about my physical nakedness. instead, so many little excuses and fears that eat away at my spirit were revealed, and my self’s honesty and realness was disrobed in a far more meaningful way than my body was. Naked Yoga increased my energy and light and connectedness in the world exponentially and permanently.”  – Nikki

Naked Yoga has helped me a great deal with self confidence and body image issues.  -Ed

My practice with Cindee has been one full of discovery.  After only a few classes, my body image issues began to disappear as I found a sense of confidence and conviction in myself.  In addition to that, I encountered a supportive community among the other yogis, which is clearly the work of Cindee.  Through her therapeutic words and relevant routine, she makes the practice exist as a true celebration of the bodies we inhabit.  I have never experienced something as emotionally or physically organic. – NYU Student

I’ve only participated once, but the intensity and concentration required quickly overcomes any uncomfortable feelings going in. Once underway, the session demands inner-concentration.  Any curiosity about the other participants quickly dissipates. The yoga-leader keeps everyone focused, and strives to get the most out of each person in a non-confrontational manner, using encouragement, and gentle assistance.  All in all, I’m glad I tried it.  -Ken E.
I have been practicing naked yoga with Cindee a handful of times. She is the sweetest most genuine yoga instructor I have ever had, and she creates a comfortable environment, and a physically challenging practice. Each time I leave refreshed, more comfortable in my own skin, and a bit more confident with the ladies. -Ryan

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